IT Systems Engineering


Your mission goals rely on your critical infrastructures working together seamlessly. You need your technology to enable access and collaboration to important information while maintaining security from outside threats.


Our skilled team of engineers apply standard engineering and planning practices along with their extensive military and corporate experiences to build mission-critical infrastructures tailored to meet your mission goals. We identify the needs of your business and develop a strategy which will result in improved efficiencies and exceptional results.


Process flow


  1. State Problem

  2. Investigate Alternatives

  3. Model System

  4. Integrate System

  5. Launch System

  6. Assess Performance

Our Capabilities:


  • Network Architecture & Design

  • System Evaluation & Integration

  • IT Systems Operation & Maintenance

  • BMC Remedy ITSM Architecture

  • Asset Life-Cycle Management

  • Preventative Maintenance & Testing

  • On-Site Technical Support

  • Energy Conservation & Management

  • Policy & Procedure Development

  • Technology Documentation & Training

  • Business Impact Analyses

  • Database Administration & Design

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